3 Reasons Your Natural Hair Regimen Does Not Work

3 Reasons Your Natural Hair Regimen Does Not Work

Having a healthy natural hair regimen is one of the most important things you can do when transitioning to natural hair or maintaining healthy hair.  Obtaining healthy natural hair is not hard but, it does require work and a tad bit more effort than relaxed hair styles in my opinion.

Naturally curly hair is delicate, require tons of moisture and is subject to extreme tangles.  Those 3 factors require strategic planning.  No one starts on a personal fitness journey without creating a workout plan so why should you approach natural hair differently?

And if you are transitioning, developing natural hair regimen is key. If you currently have a regimen but you are not seeing the results you desire here are 3 reasons your natural hair regimen is not working.

1. You Lack Consistency

Sometimes you deep condition regularly and sometimes you do not feel like adding an extra step to your wash day process.  This week you are all about Shea Moisture but next week you decide to try every new product a blogger on YouTube suggests.  Get consistent!

Everyone knows I’m handling my own inner product junkie problems which you can read about here, but one thing I’ve learned is consistency is key.  Once a week I deep condition, rotating between the same moisturizing and protein deep conditioners.  Once a week I install a braid-out because I know that style will last at least 3 days, which cuts down on over manipulating my hair.

Find a product you like, stick with it for a while and create a weekly style plan. Overtime you will train your curls to know what it likes. Read more about the 5 must dos for my texture and natural hair regimen.

2. You Are Using Strategies From Someone Without Your Hair Type

Still following that super popular blogger with 3-b/c hair but you have a tighter coil? Sorry but you will ultimately set yourself up for failure.

I recently fell in love again with Shea Butter.  It works wonders for my 4b-4c curls, sealing moisture like crazy. Seriously there was even a point where I didn’t need to re-moisturize my hair for 2 days, which you can read all about here.

But…if I was following a blogger/vlogger with a more loose type 3 hair texture, she probably would have never mentioned Shea Butter as part of here regimen most likely because it weighs her curls down and leaves a greasy mess. Curl envy is a real thing; however, there are enough gorgeous YouTubers to go around for everyone.

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3. You Are Impatient

There is really  no way of getting around this.  Many women transitioning or new to fully being natural will try a style once and decide it is not for them. When I first transitioned I sat in front of my mirror for hours at one point trying to master the art of a flat-twist. Seriously at one point I wanted to breakdown and cry.

However, with everything, practice makes perfect and your natural hair regimen will require a lot of that depending on your hair goals.  You probably are not going to master the art of  wash and go on your 1st, 2nd or 3rd attempt (trust me I know because I tried at least 100 million times before I was successful).

But that is OK.  I want you to focus on not being discouraged when your hair does not turn out exactly like the YouTube tutorial. (Yes I’ve been there too).  With a little love, sweat and patience you will be able to master any style like a pro.

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Still lost and have no idea where to start?  The Natural Hair for Beginners Guide will break down what to do daily, weekly and monthly.

What are the key steps in your natural hair regimen? Comment and let me know!

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Charlene Walton
Charlene Walton

Charlene Walton McCraney is a Dallas beauty and lifestyle blogger. After years of styling her and several friends’ hair as a hobby, offering advice and tips, she decided to combine two of her favorite things…writing and talking about natural hair!

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Charlene is a previous beauty contributor to NaturallyCurly.com, CurlyNikki.com, and 21ninety.com.

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