7 Horrible Practices That Cause Breakage On Natural Hair

7 Horrible Practices That Cause Breakage On Natural Hair

You would be amazed at the many things that can cause breakage on natural hair.  There are several things we do daily, which may not seem like a bad idea but can actually do more harm than good. I guarantee it, if you stay away from these 7 deadly sins then you will be A-ok! Let’s begin!

Breakage On Natural Hair: 7 Things to Avoid

1. Not Detangling Properly

When you detangle try to use a detangler hair tool or detangle with a conditioner that has lots of slip. This makes the process so much easier. The key is to take your time and not rush it.

Finger detangling is another great option as well because you can really “listen” to your hair vs. working with a comb or brush.  Detangling can be very tedious but it’s worth it and it also helps to retain length.

2. Wearing  Styles That Are Too Tight

Rocking a high bun or a low bun, for example, is so convenient but you have to make sure you are not doing it too tight. If you install a bun and hours later you have a headache because you were trying to snatch those edges, your bun is too tight.

Grab some edge control and call it day. Also, take your buns down at night when you sleep.

3. Not Sleeping With A Bonnet or Scarf

Let’s be honest, it is so easy to just jump in the bed when you’re tired and not even throw on a  bonnet or scarf. Tossing and turning at night causes a lot of damage to your beautiful curls.

Using a silk scarf or bonnet or even a silk pillowcase keeps your curls protected and further prevents breakage on natural hair.

4. Combing Or Brushing On Dry Curls

This practice causes such bad damage to our already delicate curls. It is a big NO NO! If you need to comb or brush out your hair, simply spray a little water and then use a Denman brush or wide tooth comb to comb through your curls.

Always take your time, start from the bottom, work your way up the hair and you will see less damage.

5. Not Keeping Your Hair Moisturized

Moisturizing is so key when you have natural hair, which you already know. Our curls soak up a lot of product and we have to replenish it with moisture daily to maintain healthy hair. It’s like being dehydrated, you have to drink enough water to stay hydrated right? Same rule applies with our hair.

6. Not Protecting Your Ends

This is a tricky one especially if you’re rocking that amazing twist out. As long as you switch it up often your ends will be fine. When protective styling make sure your ends are tucked away. This helps retain length and you have less breakage on your ends. Also keep your ends trimmed as often as your stylist suggests.

7. Not properly taking down twists, braids etc.

When taking down these styles you must take your time and use an oil if needed. It’s so easy to rush through and tug and pull but you have to make sure you are taking these styles down gently. One wrong tug and you’re ripping out your hair. Be careful and be gentle.

We all hate breakage especially if we are trying to grow our hair out and grow it healthy. Have you been guilty of any of these horrible practices? What did you do to change it up? Comment and let me know!

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Sikethia Robinson
Sikethia Robinson

Hey there! My name is Sikethia Robinson and I am a Natural Hair and Beauty Vlogger from OKC. I went back to natural 8 years ago and I love having natural hair. My hair has never been so healthy and full of life!

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