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15 Of The Best Edge Control Products for Natural Hair

Some experiences are universal. Anyone with natural hair has experienced the agony of taking the time to lay your edges to perfection, for moments later, to have them frizz up and disappear like a puff of smoke. Well, I’m putting

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What Does It Mean to Have Low Porosity Hair?

Do you know your hair porosity? It’s not just about texture and curl pattern. Hair porosity dictates a lot about your hair from styling regimens to products used. There are three categories of hair porosity: High, Medium, and Low. Today

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Fulani Braids – 25 Ways To Rock This Style

The hairstyles we wear as black women are often more than just hair. There’s a Story. There’s a History. And it makes a Statement. And the intricate often adorned protective style known as Fulani braids are no different. What are Fulani Braids?

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Emu Oil Benefits for Hair – Should You Try?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, and Argan Oil are some of the most popular oils for many at-home beauticians for growth, shine, and moisture. But there are still a few unsung heroes left to try like

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DevaCut – Everything You Need to Know Before You Cut!

Devachan Stylist Taylor Tugman @Taylored.Curls working on a client If you are searching and trying to decide if you should move forward with getting a DevaCut for your natural hair; you are probably in one of these two camps. Camp

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Ayurvedic Hair Care Benefits & How to Get Started

Everyone has bad hair days – some of us more than others. What if the key to ending your hair woes was in a few simple lifestyle changes? If this sounds intriguing, adopting an Ayurvedic hair care regimen may be

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Crochet braids, bantu knots, big chops and curl patterns just to name a few... 

Here are the things naturalistas search for the most on Textured Talk!

How To Install Crochet Braids By Yourself feat. Latched & Hooked Hair

Have you been dying to install crochet braids but haven’t found the right person to style them? After spending a few thousand hours googling how to install crochet braids by myself I finally decided I was up to the challenge.

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The Best Bantu Knots Tutorial…EVER!

If you have been looking for a great bantu knots tutorial for your natural hair you are in the right place! Out of the million and one hair styles I’ve tried since being natural Bantu Knots were by far the

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5 Things You Must Do AFTER You Big Chop Natural Hair

Lost on what to do after you big chop natural hair? Recently I’ve received more questions than ever from women who have finally big chopped and finally entered the world of natural hair. Even with the abundance of information online

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Life is too short to have boring hair 

The most important thing to understand during your natural hair journey is that it is a true journey. Every woman will not have the same journey just as no two hair strands are exactly the same. We all come with different textures and curl patterns.  Embrace your texture, try new things, and have fun along the way! 

Charlene McCraney
Charlene McCraney

Empowering women through beauty, blogging and self-care Textured Talk is all about being transparent and motivating women to be their best selves. Textured Talk was created out of my love for natural hair and wanting to help women embrace their curls.  Hair plays an important role in many women's lives so it is my goal to help each and every woman feel confident in her naturally born curls. My ultimate purpose? To bless and empower women. Simple as that.  I hope you enjoy your journey throughout the blog!

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