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About the Blog

Textured Talk is a blog that engages everyday women in healthy hair & beauty conversations. The combination of natural hair care and beauty products entering the market daily, combined with conflicting reviews from emerging bloggers, usually evokes exhaustion in the mind of hopeful consumers. Enter Textured Talk, the blog that tirelessly works to sift through the information overload to bring only the most amazing content to one central spot on the web!

READ about the newest products and hottest hair topics, WATCH reviews and tutorials on styles that target your hair texture, and SHOP your favorite products all in one spot.

About the Blogger

imageHi! I’m Charlene Walton, a lover of all things hair, and its crowning glory.  I originally started blogging about my love affair with hair in 2010,  and at that time, I could literally count the number of products that catered to women who were transitioning into natural hair care and styles on one hand, and there were even less bloggers and vloggers.  To say I didn’t understand the patience and commitment it took to transition myself is an understatement.

I “went natural” in 2008 but I didn’t start to embrace and be proud of my natural texture until the past 2-3 years as I learned what products and styles work best for my hair.  Thinking back, I realized that, I condoned a lot of bad hair practices during my first couple of transitioning years.  I incorrectly colored my hair, used a ton of “bad” products and allowed sew in weaves to be left in way past their time, but I learned sooo much! Years later, I’ve definitely enjoyed the journey and haven’t looked back, bumps and all.  Now, I’m ready to host hair discussions, share my favorite products that work for my texture, and overall healthy hair tips that can work for anyone.

Let me be the first to say I definitely don’t know everything, but if you’re willing to learn with me as I continue my journey and engage in fun conversations, then I’m your girl!

Although there are thousands of blogs dedicated to promoting healthy, natural hair, I incorporate my personal passion for all things hair with simple but effective information in a one-stop-shop because there’s always an opportunity to reach one more person. When I’m not blogging here, you can also find me running Texturesnaturalhaircare.com. 


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  1. Thank you for doing this. I decided to go natural in July with 0 information/research. i just BC’d and was left with less than an inch of hair to work with. It’s been growing out slowly. I have been scouting the net for bloggers with type 4 hair that is really short to see what to do but i only seem to find bloggers who are showcasing longer hair. Any suggestions of who i can follow or where i can get more information on very short hair care?

    • More than welcomed! I’m very happy you ran across the blog and welcome to the natural hair world! 🙂 Also, yes, I published a blog post about type 4 hair bloggers to follow for inspiration. You can find that blog post here. Thanks for reading!