How I Lost 6 Pounds in 30 Days At JourneyFit Dallas

How I Lost 6 Pounds in 30 Days At JourneyFit Dallas

Whole 30? Tried it.  21 Day Vegan Challenge? Did it.  Fit Tea (you know like the kind celebrities and people push on Instagram?) Sadly…I’ve been there done that!  You guys, I have just about tried EVERYTHING when it comes to “getting healthy” and losing weight.

So I can officially go on record and say nothing has helped me more than the past 30 days at JourneyFit Dallas.  I lost 6 pounds and 2.3 inches off my waist during my 30-day fitness commitment at JourneyFit, which is a drastic change compared to all of the things I tried before.

Here’s a little more insight into my experience at JourneyFit here in Dallas.

 How I Lost 6 Pounds In 30 Days at JourneyFit Dallas

Started With A Free Workout

As a blogger, I’m contacted quite often to try out products, attend events etc.  When owner Victoria reached out to me for a free workout I thought to myself  “Hmmm…this is different.”

Always on the search to try new things I said sure! I should have known I was in for a super serious workout just by looking at her personal Instagram page.  As an athletic sports and conditioning trainer and owner of the JourneyFit,  I had a feeling I would be in good hands.

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Of course, the free workout was hard! After the workout, Victoria offered me a free one month trial to see what JourneyFit Dallas was all about.  Again, I’m not one to turn down a great deal so I signed up to see if I would get any results.

Body Scan Analysis

Before I embarked on my 30-day trial, Victoria wanted to ensure I got my body scan analysis, which is something offered to all members of the gym.  JourneyFit is designed to make sure that your fitness journey is personalized to you.

With this comes a 3D body scan that identifies all measurements, weight, and fat mass vs. lean mass.  JourneyFit Dallas uses the Fit3D body scan.  Results of my initial body scan compared to my final scan 30 days later are below.

You guys…this initial body scan messed up my whole life! I thought to myself…do I REALLY look like that??? Needless to say, my motivation to get in shape kicked up big time!

Intermittent Fasting

As soon as I started Victoria placed me on an intermittent fasting eating regimen.  Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating.

It doesn’t specify which foods you should eat but rather when you should eat them.  My pattern was 16/8, where I ate for 8 hours of the day only and did not consume food for the remaining 16 hours, which was the fasting period.

Initially, intermittent fasting was SUPER difficult for me.  But after the first week, things settled out quite nicely.  The purpose of intermittent fasting for me was to increase the number of hours my body was burning calories and fat and to train my metabolism to work harder.

To survive intermittent fasting you must meal plan!  Drink tons of water, and have some healthy snacks available at your disposal.

My favorite go-to snacks were Kellog’s Fiber One Chocolate Fudge Brownies and Luna Protein Bars.  Also veggies…lots of slow-burning veggies to keep you full for long periods of time.

Meal Planning

We all know a good diet can outweigh any workout plan.  So during this time, I was on a build your own meal plan with but within reason of course.  Victoria gave me a list of foods I could eat and I built my own plan from there.

My diet mainly consisted of a nice amount of protein, a ton of veggies and healthy fats (mainly avocados because I love them).  Below is what a typical eating day was like for me.

7:15 AM: Protein Shake after my workouts (about 4 days a week)
12:00 PM: Breakfast –  Egg white scramble with red and yellow peppers, spinach, mushrooms, onions and side of avocado. Sometimes I would add sausage.
1:30 PM: Snack – Protein bar
3:00 PM: Lunch – Marinated chicken breast, baked sweet potato, sauteed kale
4:30 PM: Snack – Single serving of fruit & boiled egg.  If you can stick with berries. 1 cup should suffice.
6:30 PM: Dinner – Ground Turkey Chili with carrots, peppers, onions, roasted tomatoes, red kidney beans, spices, etc.

Workout Plan

My workouts mainly consisted of strength training with some cardio infused as well.  I’ve never been the type of girl afraid of packing on muscles, before working out at JourneyFit Dallas my workouts mainly consisted of cardio.

I quickly learned fat mass looks a way different than lean mass so bring on the weights! You can see a few video clips of my workouts at JourneyFit via my Instagram higlights here.

Final Results After 30 Days

As stated before, I’m down 6 pounds, lost 2 inches off my waist and officially down a dress size!  I’m not going to lie, these 30 days were HARD. But, also so worth it.

JourneyFit has stretched, tested and challenged me in ways I’ve been challenged before.  I’m officially 7 months away from my wedding and I can’t wait to see my results by then.

If you are in Dallas and interested in giving JourneyFit Dallas a try sign up for a FREE workout class here.  Also,  you can watch my full 30 Day Fitness journey via my IG stories here!

Charlene Walton
Charlene Walton

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