Organizing Your 2015 HAIR Goals…Inspired by Myleik Teele’s Podcast

Organizing Your 2015 HAIR Goals…Inspired by Myleik Teele’s Podcast

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I’m a huge fan of Myleik Teele, CEO of curlBOX.  I love her personal IG page and I’m an avid listener of her weekly podcasts on iTunes.  About 2 weeks ago one of her podcasts went into depth about organizing your 2015 goals and truly making vision boards come to life.  I listened, took notes and thought to myself this is some great stuff!  So much, I also sent a recap of my podcast notes to my girlfriends.  Afterwards, I didn’t see why someone couldn’t also use these tips to set and organize Hair goals for 2015.   Similar to health, many women also continuously work towards improving things to achieve better, healthier hair throughout the year.  All goals are equal and you definitely need some type of plan to move forward.  Below is my spin on Myleik’s tips and how you can organize some great hair goals for 2015.  Enjoy!

Organizing Hair Goals With Myleik Teele’s Podcast


Outside of just talking about the things you want to accomplish in 2015 with your hair, write those goals down! Seems simple and like a no brainer but you will be surprised how many people do not write their goals down so they can actually see them.  Myleik encourages writing goals down because it will help you remember and organize the priorities.   Ask yourself what can be pushed to the top?  As far as your hair is concerned, is it more important for you to learn how to achieve a gorgeous wash and go or do you need to focus on retaining moisture to combat dry, brittle hair?  Figuring out what’s important to you will also help you focus on the right products to purchase so you aren’t in the Target and Beauty Supply store aisles completely lost.  Make a plan, stick to it and focus on the important things first.

2. Get specific! Put some hard-core numbers behind your goal if you want to achieve them.

How many new styles do you want to learn to do this year? Enter You-tube University!  Spend a little time online to master the styles you want to accomplish (or just check back here under “Tutorials” to see some of my video favs ). 🙂  Want to grow your hair by 3 inches? Great! If so, your focus should be on retaining length.  No matter what you believe,  your hair IS growing but maybe you aren’t retaining length.  Instead, the ends are breaking off, your hair lacks proper moisture, or the scalp is too clogged with product build up for it to breathe.  If you want to achieve growth try focusing on these things and see how close you get to those 3 inches by December 2015.  Protect your ends by keeping them trimmed or tucked away in a protective style, use a clarifying shampoo once a month and also drink more WATER!

3. Set some hard deadlines! Every month, quarter, etc., you should be knocking something off your list to work towards your goals.

Create seasonal check points to reevaluate how far you’ve come towards achieving your hair goals.  Your deadline should not be December 2015 for everything!  In the podcast Myleik advocates that knocking the small goals off your list first will give you the confidence to tackle the larger ones later in the year.  If growth is one of your goals (because I feel like that’s everyone’s goal), take a picture at the start of each season to document your progress.  Seeing the results, similar to seeing yourself lose weight over time will give you a boost to keep up the hard work.

4. Who is your accountability partner? Don’t have one…get one!

This person will check in to make sure you are working toward the goals you wrote down.  Pick someone you are not going to get sensitive or upset with when they call you out for slacking.  Share your goals with your accountability partner and let them know some of the things you set out to achieve every month or quarter.  Too lazy to deep condition your hair this week or you’ve been excessively using too much heat on your strands…it’s your accountability partner’s responsibility to get on you!

Since your diet and eating habits also play a HUGE role in your overall hair health get the most out of your accountability partner and use he or she as a person who’s going to make sure you are drinking plenty of water and not going crazy with the foods you eat.  Remember, this is a person you aren’t going to get an attitude with so don’t forget that part!

5. Put at least 1 UNREALISTIC (something that’s unrealistic to you) goal on your list.

This was my favorite goal shared in Myleik Teele’s podcast.  Since there’s really no such thing as an unrealistic goal, she encourages the podcast listeners to put this on the list to see how close you actually come achieving the goal and shock yourself at the end of the year.  This can literally be anything you want.  Maybe you finally want to launch your own hair product company or achieve waist length hair.  Whatever the unrealistic goal is just set one! The purpose is to push yourself and truly see how amazing you are when you put your mind to the things you want.

Love it! Thanks Myleik for the inspiration!  Also if you want to listen to the original podcast head on over to iTunes to download here.

What are your hair goals for 2015?


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