Searching for reviews just became easier. Browse these popular topics for tutorials by some of the best natural hair bloggers and vloggers. Enjoy!

Best Perm Rods Tutorials on Natural Hair

Over the past few weeks I’ve developed a love affair with perm rods on natural hair.  For months I would see tons of pictures of gorgeous curly perm rod styles and wonder if I could achieve the look as well.…

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Flexi Rods on Natural Hair: How to Achieve Amazing Results

If you’ve ever tried to install flexi rods on natural hair you know they can either be a girl’s best friend or her worst nightmare.  However, if you want to achieve amazing flexi-rod results on natural or transitioning hair there…

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Best Finger Coils Videos!

Lately I’ve been seeing more and more finger coil out results on naturalistas and I’m loving this style! So of course I spent some time on YouTube to compile a few of the best tutorials for different textures and lengths…

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Best Videos for Moisture Retention

     Hi Beauties! As temperatures continue to drop across the country and the cold air sets in, you should focus on moisture retention more than ever.  The low tonight here in Dallas is going to be 19 degrees…yikes!  Learning how…

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Year in Review…Favorite Styles of 2014!

2014 was a fun year for my hair and through experimenting I’ve also worn more styles this year than any other before.  This year I wore a curly wig for the first time, finally conquered my fear of the wash…

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Protective Styling with Crochet Braids: How to Install

Crochet braids are very popular among many women of various textures, and for good reason. This protective style allows us to take a break from daily hair maintenance and heavy manipulation but still have thriving curls. An old saying states:…

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