Transitioning to natural hair? Here are some great posts to get you started on the right track.

Can I Over-Moisturize My Hair? Understanding Hygral Fatigue

What you need to know about Hygral Fatigue… Upon reading the title of this article one could immediately see this question as a no-brainer.  Over moisturizing my hair…of course not.  After all, everyone talks about the importance of moisture and…

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How to Retain Length for Natural Hair Growth

Has your hair come to a stalling point and it just doesn’t seem to grow past a certain stage?  If so, you could have an issue with retaining length vs. actual hair growth.  I’ve read (on more than one occasion)…

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Mielle Organics Review: Advanced Healthy Hair Formula Vitamins

Last week I discussed the importance of maintaining a healthy scalp to promote hair growth.  Continuing my healthy hair series, this week I’m providing tips on taking hair pills to further assist with growth and providing a full review of the…

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How to Properly Seek Hair Care Advice

March is my second month being a contributor for and I’m having a lot of fun! This week I’m talking hair care advice.  Healthy hair tips are abundant just about everywhere online, however, not all advice is good advice…

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Embracing Change with Your Natural Hair

This past weekend I tried a new style on my shorter bob-cut hair, inspired by natural hair vlogger Ariel, known on Instagram as @areielvscupcake_.  I’ve tried several styles before as seen on Youtube and I’ve definitely had my fair share…

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How to Transition With a Weave…The RIGHT Way!

If you are a “new natural” by now I’m pretty sure you’ve figured out the natural hair game is no joke.   As I mentioned in a previous post about the top 5 things I wish I knew before going…

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