For the love of the BOB…

For the love of the BOB…

Ever have a gut feeling when you know you need a change? Outside of my twist-outs, roller sets and curly weave, a good sleek blow out always does the trick for me when I want to switch it up and take a break from “natural” styles.   However, for the past couple years, I’ve always worn my flat-ironed hair the same way.  I’ve never mustered up enough guts to get a real cut but just a trim to keep it healthy, too scared jeopardize length.  In addition, being guilty of a little hair envy, all I could envision was @Naptural85 and her super long tresses.  “Don’t cut it!” I kept telling myself…”long hair is the goal”.  But truthfully I’ve just been plain out bored.

Then last week I opened my eyes and said screw it! I’m cutting my hair.  Period.  I’m human and I’m a woman so it’s perfectly natural for me to have some faults and change my mind when I want…LOL.  As I continued to scroll and double tap Instagram pics of bobs my excitement continued.  The results…

You know when you hear women say “I feel like a new woman” after a hair cut? Well not to be cliche…but I do! I closed my eyes as the stylist started to snip…still kinda in awe I was actually going through with this.  As soon as I opened my eyes I was in LOVE! I waved goodbye to those 2-3 inches and said hello new look!

As a healthy hair enthusiast, I knew I shouldn’t have held length over the actual health of my hair, which also led to my cut decision.  Over the past few months due to over manipulation (I can’t quite keep my hands out of my head) I’ve experienced some breakage and thinning.  And although I knew the things I should have been doing…I still struggled from time to time.  Like I said I’m human.  So I figured why not just chop a few inches and get a new look at the same time! It’s just hair and it will grow back…faster AND healthier now. 🙂

Hair before and after cut…yikes!

Thinking about cutting your hair? What’s holding you back!?

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Charlene Walton
Charlene Walton

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