How to Run A Successful Blog With A Fulltime Job: 3 Easy Tips

How to Run A Successful Blog With A Fulltime Job: 3 Easy Tips

Understanding how to run a successful blog with a fulltime job is the mystery everyone wants the answers to right now.  You probably love your 9-5 but desperately need a creative outlet. Or you hate your job and quickly need to find a way to make the blogging side-hustle the main hustle. Either way what you really need is a process, a plan, and a sure way to execute.

So today I’m here to help you! I’ve learned how to run a successful blog with a fulltime job over the past 5 years so I’m here to let you know it can be done. During these 5 years, I’ve switched jobs twice, gained more responsibilities and traveled to 3 continents over 10 times. Trust me when I say I know it can be done!

And did I mention during this time I started and ran another entrepreneurship side hustle? More on that here if you want to know.  But for now, here are three simple ways to run a successful blog with a fulltime job – while still keeping your sanity as well!

Tips for Maintaining A Successful Blog With A Fulltime Job

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1. Batch Process Content

Batch processing is the act of producing several iterations of one task during a specific time period. The work you produce is then saved to be used at a later date. To prioritize your blog along with the many other responsibilities of family, work, and self-care I strongly encourage this.

Examples: Writing three blog posts in one day. Creating multiple Pinterest graphics within 1 hour. Shooting 3 different looks in one photoshoot for upcoming brand collaborations.

If releasing blog content once a week is your goal, use the first week of the month to get your ducks in a row. Write 3-4 blog posts over a 7 day period, take all your photos and determine which days you will set them for publishing. In short, just created your own content calendar. 

2. Schedule Everything

Never work in real-time. That is the number one way to be all over the place and not find time for other aspects of your life. It is also the quickest way to get burned out as a new blogger. For my sanity, I schedule social media posts, Pinterest pins, blog posts, emails, etc.  

In order to run a successful blog with a fulltime job, you need to get ahead of the curve. Stuff will always come up the day of, so do not leave it to chance.  At first, I continued to tell myself I could write my marketing emails the day I wanted them to go out only to find this task slowly made its way to the bottom of the food chain. Other pressing matters were just more important when the time came around.

Tools like Co-Schedule, Buffer, & Tailwind are all great for scheduling social media and blog posts. You can schedule emails with any email marketing provider – even Gmail.

3. Set Blogging Office Hours & Calendar Appointments with Yourself 

Schedule your life away! Set calendar appointments with yourself to get stuff done. We all get a lunch break at work. Block off that time to work on your blog so no one can hog up your free time. I still use my lunch breaks for blog work today.  Or wake up early and get things done before work. 

Also, schedule time with yourself after work and on the weekends. This will get you in the motion to stick to your goals and prioritize your blog content before other frivolous things that might “pop-up”. Do your girls want to grab random drinks on a Saturday? Cool – as long as it doesn’t cut into the scheduled time you set with yourself. Let them know you are available before or after but NOT during. 

By sticking to your calendar appointments and making other people respect your office hours, you mentally tell yourself this is important and a priority. Soon other people will start to see it too and treat your blog as not just a little side hobby but something substantial in your life. 

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Charlene Walton
Charlene Walton

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