After months of trial and error are you still fighting to figure out your natural hair? 

Get this 10 part guide to help you figure out everything you need to know.

10 Parts to Understanding Natural Hair Care Provided in the Guide:

1. Dispelling the Myth of the “Hair Type”

2. Understanding Texture, Porosity, Density & Elasticity

3. Transitioning to Natural Hair

4. Moisturizing 101

5. The Importance of Protein Moisture Balance

6. Ingredients In Natural Hair Products

7. How to Grow & Retain Length

8. Healthy Eating for Healthy Hair Growth

9. Tips for Choosing A Natural Hair Salon

10. Natural Hair Regimen for Beginners

** Also as a bonus included is a fool-proof beauty store checklist. If you are a new natural, finding the right products can be extremely overwhelming. Co-washes, curl creams, masks, and cleansers all seem like a blur. This checklist makes it simple and cuts down the confusion next time you are about to shop for products. **


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